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How to Best Use Theacrine (as Teacrine®)

When Theacrine for stimulation, a dose of 150 - 300 mg is typically sufficient to provide a good boost. Theacrine appears to be safe to use in doses exceeding 300 mg, however there is a lack of research of its effects at high doses in humans and it is best to play it safe. In addition, using Theacrine at high doses makes the side effects commonly seen in stimulants such as nervousness and jitters more likely to occur.

Unlike with caffeine, tolerance does not appear to be a large concern. One study found that after a week of daily usage, participants displayed no signs of tolerance. [1] In contrast a tolerance to caffeine builds after just a few days of usage, and daily coffee drinkers need to have a fix early in the morning just to return to baseline.

It may be discovered later that a tolerance to theacrine does eventually form, just at a slower pace than caffeine. If this ends up being the case than it may be possible to keep tolerance to both compounds low by cycling them out for each other. This would mean that one week you would use caffeine for energy, and the next two weeks you would use theacrine. This would allow time for your tolerance to each compound to reset while you use the other, allowing both to keep their effectiveness.

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  2. Theacrine, a special purine alkaloid with sedative and hypnotic properties from Cammelia assamica var. kucha in mice.

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