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What Benefits Does Theacrine (as Teacrine®) Provide?

When used as a supplement in doses of 150 - 450 mg, research has shown that Theacrine is a potent stimulant which provides the following effects:

  • Theacrine (as Teacrine®) reduces fatigue and increases mental and physical energy [1][2]
  • Improves the ability to focus.[1]
  • Improves mood and motivation. [1]
  • Reduces inflammation and acts as a pain reliever. [3]
  • Is a powerful antioxidant, and has been shown to reduce liver damage by raising liver glutiathione levels. [4]
  • Can potentially offset the health damage posed by chronic stress. [4]

Due to it's similar molecular structure and effects profile, Theacrine (as Teacrine®) is commonly compared to caffeine.

Becuase of it provides similar effects, has a similar mechanism of action, and a nearly identical chemical structure theacrine is commonly compared to caffeine. Recent research suggests it may be appropriate to view it as a superior form of caffeine. The most noticable difference between the two chemicals is that while both have similar effects [1][2], a tolerance to caffeine builds within only a few days while studies have found no tolerance to theacrine (as Teacrine®) forming even after a week of daily use. [1]

Like caffeine, research has found theacrine to act as a stimulant providing boosts to mental and physical energy as well as making it easier to concentrate. The pitfall with caffeine felt by every longtime coffee drinker is that as a tolerance builds these benefits become less and less pronounced. Eventually a morning coffee is required just to reach baseline. Because a tolerance builds much more slowly to theacrine it could be used as a way to break a caffeine addiction, then cycled with caffeine in order to keep one's tolerance to each as low as possible.

Interest in theacrine today has been focused mostly on theacrine's (as Teacrine®) ability to reduce fatigue, provide physical energy, and improve motivation to exercise. [1] Theacrine Depot is the first place where consumers can purchase pure Theacrine, but it has been previously made available as an ingredient in preworkout and fat burning supplements. Caffeine is another popular ingredient in such supplements, but Theacrine may prove superior due to tolerance to it building slower than with caffeine.

Besides its main use as a stimulant, research has shown theacrine to offer a range of other health benefits. Chinese rainforest cultures have long used Kucha Tea, which contains theacrine, as a pain and inflammation reducing medicine. One recent study identified that theacrine itself was the cause of these health benefits, finding it to have both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. [3] These findings represent other properties unique to theacrine, as caffeine possesses neither of these properties.

Another study concluded that Theacrine may be helpful in reducing the negative health effects of a stressful lifestyle. In this study rats were exposed to stress for long durations of time, in a manner which was known to cause them liver damage. Some of the rats were then given theacrine, which had a beneficial effect and reversed some of the damage. [4] The study concluded that if theacrine would also provide this benefit in humans it could help offset some of the negative health impacts of living a stressful lifestyle.

The study mentioned above also found some other interesting benefits to Theacrine. An antioxidant activity test found that theacrine was a potent antioxidant, and could reduce liver damage caused by oxidative stress by increasing levels of glutathione in the liver. [4] Oxidative stress occurs when molecules in the body are stripped of electrons and peroxides and free radicals are produced. This is a normal process, and the body has defenses against it. One of the most potent is a molecule produced in the liver known as glutathione. When theacrine raises glutathione levels, it indirectly helps protect the liver against such damage.

While theacrine acts as a stimulant at high doses of 150 - 450 mg, at lower doses of 20 - 50 mg it actually works as a mild sedative. One study found that at the doses of theacrine usually found in Kucha tea it provides both hypnotic and sedative effects. [5]

This combination of stimulant properties and other health benefits make theacrine a strong contender as a better alternative to caffeine. While more research needs to be performed before a clear picture is seen, the existing research is universally positive. We're proud to be on the cutting edge by being the first company to offer pure theacrine directly to consumers.

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