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How is Theacrine Different from Caffeine?

Theacrine is a small alkaoid compound which is remarkably similar to caffeine in many ways. Like caffeine it reduces fatigue and improves focus, motivation, and overall energy levels. [1]

Structurally, theacrine is very similar to caffeine. It's chemical name is 1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid while caffeine's is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. The only difference in structure between the two molecules is an additional methyl group (CH3) on theacrine's 9-carbon as well as an additional ketone group. (=O)

Difference Between Caffeine and Theacrine

The similarity between theacrine and caffeine stems from the fact that theacrine is naturally synthesized from caffeine. Meaning that in certain plants which produce caffeine, additional processess occur that convert a portion of the plant's caffeine into theacrine. The Camellia assamica variant kucha seems to be the plant with the highest concentration of theacrine.

As much as caffeine and theacrine have in common, what's more interesting is the differences between the two. Some of these differences are especially promising and suggest that theacrine could prove to be superior to caffeine in many ways.

Differences in Benefits

Both caffeine and theacrine provide many of the same benefits: both improve energy levels and reduce fatigue, and both help improve focus. [1] Recent research suggests that theacrine possesses many unique benefits that caffeine does not.


The most significant difference between caffeine and theacrine is the rate at which tolerance to each develops. Caffeine tolerance develops very quickly, with a reduction in effects beginning as soon as three days. A tolerance to Theacrine, on the other hand, develops much more slowly. (If at all) In one study, participants exhibited no signs of tolerance after an entire week of daily use. [1] In another study, no tolerance was found after a full two weeks of use. [4]

More studies are needed to see exactly if and when tolerance to theacrine's effects will begin to develop, but it is apparent that a tolerance to Theacrine forms at a far slower place than it does to caffeine.

Pain Reducing Properties

One study on mice found that Theacrine possesses analgesic (pain relieving) properties. [2] In mice, the oral administration of 8, 16, and 32 mg/kg of theacrine showed pain reducing effects that scaled with dosage about on par with the reference drug indomethacin. [2] In contrast, caffeine has not been found to possess any such effects.

Anti-Stress Properties

Another study on mice found that Theacrine may possess anti-stress properties. [2] In this study, mice were subjected to extreme stress that typically results in liver damage as measured by elevated enzyme counts. Mice subjected to this stress after 7 days of theacrine administration at 10-30 mg/kg showed less liver damage than mice that were not given theacrine. [2] Like with it's analgesic properties, caffeine is not known to produce such benefits.

Wider Effect Window

Unlike caffeine, Theacrine seems to have a wider window of effective doses. Studies have shown that while theacrine can be consumed safely at higher doses than caffeine, taking theacrine at high doses is not necessarily more effective. Past human studies seem to suggest an ideal dosage of 200 mg. [1]

Differences in Side Effects

The initial research on theacrine seems to suggest that it's carries less side effects than caffeine. One study on humans involved the administration of 200 mg of theacrine daily for a week to measure it's effect on cognition. This study found at a dosage of 200 mg that no side effects were reported. [1]

If further studies confirm these results, it means that theacrine (taken at a dosage of 200 mg), lacks side effects common to caffeine such as jitters, a "crash" that commonly occurs when caffeine wears off, and less insomnia after the primary effects have worn off. [1]

Based on the available research Theacrine is a superior form of caffeine. It has more benefits and no side effects at normal doses. Try Theacrine today and see the differece!

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